Augmentin duration of treatment


Augmentin a combination of amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium.

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Information about Augmentin.

Clavulanat potassium is a om clavulanic acid, which is simila tpnicillin. Clavulanat potassium ights bactia that is otn sistant tpnicillins and oth antibiotics.

AUGMNTIN tablts should b takn immdiatly bwith th ist mouthul ood. AUGMNTIN tablts wok bst whn takn this way. It may alshlp tpvnt stomach upsts. Howv, AUGMNTIN tablts will still wok i thy a takn without ood.

All mdicins hav isks and bnits. Somtims nw isks a ound vn whn a mdicin has bn usd many yas. You docthas wighd th xpctd bnits you taking AUGMNTIN tablts against th isks this mdicin could hav you.

Stop using this mdicin and call you doctat onc i you hav a sious sid ct such as:

2. CL PZTWAZANIA DANYCH Panstwa dan osobow sa pztwazan w nastepujacych clach: – zawacia i alizacji umowy swiadczni uslug doga lktoniczna w zwiazku z kozystanim z swisow intntowych dostaczanych pzz Administatoa – zawacia i alizacji umow spzdazy poduktow i uslug znajdujacych sie w oci Administatoa – powadznia analiz i statystyk na potzby powadzonj dzialalnosci gospodaczj – powadznia dzialan maktingowych wlasnych lub w wspolpacy z innymi podmiotami.

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beta-lactams, including penicillins and cephalosporins for example, amoxicillin, augmentin, keflex, duricef, ceftin, lorabid, rocephin, cephalexin, suprax, and others ; many organisms have resistance to some of these drugs.


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