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There are medicines that can cause side effectsand Silagra is one of themIf you have manifested any of the side effects as a result of taking this medicationgo see your doctorHoweverkeep in mind that some of the side effects posed by Silagra are tolerable by the usersHere are the possible symptoms that you may acquire from using this medicinedizzinessflushingheartburndiarrheaheadacherunny nose and stomach upset.

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I am 24 years old man when I was sex with my wife I discharged so early so can you suggest any medicine that I grow my sex duration on bed.

To this in five class was some first sildenafil drug widely back become thereby Viagra.

When it comes to the overall efficacy and safetySilagra and Viagra have major similaritiesOn the other handthere is one factor that greatly sets them apart from one anotherThe price of these two medicines for ED is way too differentSilagra is cheaper than ViagraBut you must understand that Viagra is one of the first medicines that has helped men to combat EDThe choice is yours between these two ED medications.

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